Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hospital Musical

Well, I'm sorry for not posting in soooo long.  I have a classic excuse:  "it's been real busy!".  So, as promised, I am now going to share about my story called Hospital Musical.

           A young girl, named Zaira who is about 15, is orphaned when both of her beloved parents die in a car crash.  She goes to live with her Uncle Keith, Aunt Lynn, and their 22 year old son, Scot.  She is enjoying her life there when their foster son Bryan comes back from college/sports camp (where he was leader person).  He seems nice enough but when things start to get interesting when they go to an amusement park and the swinging ship catches on fire, he becomes over protective.  While in the hospital, she gets to know Bryan and his friend quite well.  The time that she is in the hospital changes a few things for her and lets Bryan know sides of her her aunt and uncle didn't even know!

So I know it's a bad summary but I just came up with it on the spot!  Someone else has probably done a story like this before but I'm just doing this for fun.  I hope you like!  

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